Smybox is about people and technology

Smybox takes after traditional photo booths that have been around for almost a century. They produce great photos, but they are not fit to be taken on the road - they are way too heavy. We took the idea of instant photography and turned something old into something new with a touch of magic from modern technologies. We came up with radical changes to the original concept so that anyone can enjoy having a picture taken with their friends.

Smybox team

David Čeřovský
David ČeřovskýFounder, Photographer
Petr Svoboda
Petr SvobodaElectrotechnical engineer, partner
Jan Benda
Jan BendaTechnical engineer, partner
David Rosca
David RoscaProgrammer, partner
Jan David
Jan DavidFranchise Support
Tomski&PolanskiTeam of illustrators
Michaela Sodoma
Michaela SodomaGraphic Designer
Jakub Cabalka
Jakub CabalkaPhotographer
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In 2011, we put together a team of designers, engineers and programmers and worked tirelessly to bring our vision to life. Ever since then, Smybox has gone through three reincarnations, been to over 2.500 events and taken hundreds of thousands of pictures.

Smybox render3

Thanks to the Czech Republic's long tradition in industrial engineering, we were able to find friends with technical skills who would become members of the team and help us turn our vision into reality. All of the production is done locally near Prague; that way we are able to guarantee that our Smyboxes are of the best quality.

Img 0490

When we first started, we didn't even dream about the level of buzz Smybox would create abroad. Soon we were getting requests left and right from people who wanted to have their own Smybox. We realized that the concept doesn't only revolve around the machine and so we developed the franchise model, which makes it possible to re-create the Smybox experience anywhere in the world.

Foto 004

After years of working on the production and development of Smybox, we were ready to add another product that fits perfectly with our photo services. Printka functions mainly as a hashtag printer supporting Instagram and Twitter, but we are also working on the option to connect with a roaming photographer. Printka can also be used as an additional printer for Smybox.