Smybox machine 2017

Our machine was designed by photographers and electrotechnical engineers with years of experience at over 2.500 events around the world. Since the beginning, we have continually improved upon our Smybox and are excited about our 3rd generation machine that is our most amazing yet. It's highly functional for the operator and aesthetically pleasing for your customers. Smybox comes packed with all the components that make it ready to go right away. Combine this together with our continuous support and the fun will never end!

HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS AND GIFSSmybox takes high quality photos thanks to its built-in DSLR camera.
TOUCH USER INTERFACEOur own software lets you choose from different layouts, take a set of photos or animations and print them out.
EASY INSTALLATIONModular design allows for quick installation by one operator and its sturdy, yet compact frame allows you to easily go from one event to another.
INSTANT PRINTProfessional printer allows for fast, high quality prints. You can easily reprint any photo during the event.
SHARINGPeople can share their photos right away via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram with the help of integrated iPad and mobile apps.
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTRemote controlled, height-adjustable legs let you change the position of Smybox within a few seconds to capture any guest, no matter their height.

Software features

Not only do we manufacture Smybox, we also employ a team of programmers who develop all of the software. This gives us the unique ability to connect the hardware with the software for a smooth experience and a variety of features. There are three main interfaces that control all the functionalities:

1. smybox core software

The core software controls the main functions of the machine - taking sequences of photos and merging them together with the graphics to create the final print. There is an effective operator's interface that is used to set Smybox up and a user's interface for your customers' interaction with the photos.

Operator's interface

  • Creating high quality GIFs and video loops from bursts of photos.
  • Collecting email addresses for further marketing purposes (provided with the guests' consent).
  • Prior to an event, you can prepare a digital consent form which covers the privacy issues regarding posting of photos online via web galleries. The consent form can be easily tailored to a specific event and customer, and it pops up on the iPad before any interaction with the photos, such as printing, or sharing via e-mail or social media. This ensures that the guests give their explicit consent to their photos appearing on-line later.
  • Option of black and white photos or custom colour adjustments.
  • The use of our API allows for the integration of other online functions such as the instant upload of photos or emails linking directly to customer's website, or RFID chip integration.
  • Event statistics will tell you how many photos were taken, printed, how many people shared their photos via email, FB etc.
  • Wireless live presentation device allows for a slideshow of photos taken at an event on a TV or a projection screen.

User's interface

  • Intuitive and user friendly, it is controlled by a touch screen.
  • Click the upper left corner on the screen to choose your preferred layout. You can take up to 4 photos that will fit on a single print.
  • People can take photos either with an automatic countdown, or using a remote shutter release.
  • Allows you to either print your photo right away, or take another shot at it if you are not happy with the result.

graphics for the photos

Overlaying graphics give the photos a final touch. Our software is capable of connecting any number of photos together on a single print and placing a graphic over them. The most popular templates are those that fit between one and four photos on a print.

2. smypad app

You can find the Smypad app in the integrated iPad at the back of Smybox. People use it to browse through their photos, print more copies and share them online via email, Facebook or Twitter.

  • iPad app called Smypad creates galleries of photos taken at events that allows guests to share their photos via email and other social media platforms as well as print extra copies. You can even connect more than one iPad to Smybox.
  • The option of customization of the content and visual form of outgoing emails with attached photos.
Sdielni%20na%20ipaduSharing photos with Smypad app to email

3. smybox mobile app

This is a great way to access all the photos from a party right away. Smybox mobile app is free to download (on iTunes and Google Play) and allows people to browse through the photos as they are being uploaded to the app.

  • Photos can be shared instantly via any social network (Instagram, WhatsApp), that is installed on your phone.
  • You can also download the photos, and send them out using email, MMS or iMessage.
  • Galleries can be public or password protected for private events.


Smybox was designed so that it is functional as well as nice to look at. In order to make it suitable to be continuously taken on the road, we use highly durable carbon fibre. One other important detail that makes Smybox stand out among competition is its adjustable legs. This allows you to take pictures of small children as well as the tallest person at a party. On top of that, the front side opens like a door to allow quick access to the internal parts.

Img 0575

Carbon fibre shell

Carbon fibre is the perfect material for Smybox's body, since it is light yet durable and can withstand shock.

Img 9719%20clean

Transportation cases

These sturdy transportation cases are custom-made and allow Smybox to be taken easily from one place to another.

adjustable height

Being able to change position of the lens is one of Smybox's greatest attributes. No other photo booth can move up and down and back up so quickly, which it does with the help of a remote control.

Motion gif small

Tech specs

Machine specs
  • Canon 70D DSLR camera with 20 MPx resolution
  • 20 mm prime lens (32mm for 35mm film equivalent)
  • Integrated iPad Air 2 with 9,7” Retina display
  • Dye sublimation printer that produces non-fading, fingerprints proof photos thanks to its laminated layer. Allow 23 seconds for 13x18 cm, and 15 seconds for 10x15 cm format.
  • Capacitive touch 23” Full HD LCD monitor, with high contrast
  • Professional studio flash 250Ws for the ideal lighting conditions in any situation
  • Thanks to adjustable legs, height of the whole body and its camera can be set between 1.30 and 1.90 meters.
  • Brain of the machine - MAC mini computer
  • Custom Smybox electronics that connects main internal parts together
  • Smybox requires an electrical outlet of 120V- 230 V