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Can I buy only the Smybox machine without franchise?

Do you want to install Smybox in your company's lobby or in your own house? :) Our machine is ready to run without the franchise model and it can be bought separately. To keep the online functions and running Smybox mobile apps you need to subscribe to the machine support fee. But you can't use our Smybox brand for your services, we will just give you technical training for the machine itself.

How fast can I get my Smybox franchise up and running?

Since every key aspect of the franchise is ready to be implemented, it doesn't take too long to get started. After the website and other marketing material are translated into your language and all the papers are signed, we will schedule a 5 day training, after which you will be able to run the Smybox business yourself. Including the delivery of the machine itself, this process takes around 6 weeks.

What else do I need apart from the Start package and the machine itself?

Apart from office space and storage for Smybox, it is good to have a computer suitable for post production on the photos and Adobe Suite (namely Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom). You will also need an external hard drive to take with you to the events to store the RAW data of the photos for further editing.

How can I pay for Smybox?

It is possible to pay via bank transfer or PayPal. The standard procedure is to pay 50% beforehand and the remaining 50% on the day of the delivery. Credit card can be used to pay the recurring franchising fees.

How many people operate Smybox at events?

Ideally, there are two trained Smyboxers (a boy and a girl) who set everything up (Smybox, backdrop, props…) and are there during the event to help guests take pictures, share them via email, FB etc. You can do smaller events with just one Smyboxer.

How many people are needed to prepare an event with one Smybox machine?

More telling is to realize the tasks and skills involved in the process. You will need someone who is a graphic designer (for creating graphics for the prints), someone who can edit the photos after the event so that they look the best possible, and someone with organisational skills to plan every little detail perfectly. For instance, you can take care of the organisational part and outsource the other two to a subcontractor and once you expand a bit and get more business, you can do these tasks in-house.

Will I get an exclusivity for a certain region/area?

Yes. You can become the sole franchisee in your respective country if you are up to that task :)

Do you offer a Master franchise?

No, not right now. But we have a simple franchise concept that gives us freedom for future improvements.

What is the language of your support?

We speak English and all our materials and software are in English as well

What languages does Smybox speak?

There are two parts to this. The language of the admin interface is always English no matter if its the Smybox website or our software. The languages of the user interface (which the guests interact with) are English, Czech, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. More languages can of course be added to the user interface after proper translation.

Is there anything else I need to buy to make Smybox complete?

We deliver the complete machine within Europe but everywhere else we recommend that the printer should be bought separately. In that case, the price of the printer would be deducted from the price of the machine.

What printer can I use for Smybox?

You can use either Mitsubishi D70DW or DNP DS620 - both are reliable and produce high quality prints. They both use dye sublimation technology, so the printing is fast and provides a protective layer to the photos. We will help you compare the benefits of both of these printers in order to find the best possible solution for you in your country.

Where can I get paper for my printer?

Paper is usually sold at your local printer reseller/distributor, which is at the same time the easiest and cheapest way to get them.

Is Smybox suitable for fixed installations?

Smybox was designed that it can be easily moved from one place to another, hence the transportation cases.

What kind of car can I use to transport Smybox and all of its accessories?

We have an experience with mini vans such as Volkswagen Caddy, Citroen Berlingo or Fiat Doblo. In fact, we love our VW Caddys and we have the branded full body car stickers made for their size. If you are thinking about a different make and model of a car, let us know and we can advise you whether or not it would be suitable for Smybox. We can also fit everything in Ford Focus combi, but it's packed like sardines with all that stuff you need for a great event.

Does Smybox do videos?

We focus our energy on what we do best, which is photography and great prints, and that is why we do not do videos. However, we can do video loops from photos. But we never turn down a possibility to do something new, so if you have a use for video, let us know and we will make it happen.

Where does the name Smybox come from?

When we first started thinking about licensing our machine to other countries, we encountered a small obstacle. You see, in our home country - the Czech Republic - we used to operate under the name “Smilebox”, but since there already were products and domains registered with that name worldwide, we had to come up with something new and original. And that's how Smybox was born. Eventually, even our Czech base adopted the name “Smybox” in 2016 so that there is only one worldwide brand identity.
So let's break it down: in urban definition, to smy means to “smile with one eye” - like a pirate would or Smybox itself, since it only has one eye (the camera lens:). We also use a one-eyed creature in our graphics, so it's very fitting.

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